Things to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Charge

iphone won’t charge

In case that your iPhone won’t charge, it means you have to go with a new battery. The fact is, the iPhone’ battery is non-removable. You must pay the service to replace the battery, but there are some things to do if you do not want the expensive service. You had better try these things to solve it. If your iPhone not charging when plugged in, follow these steps below.

iphone won’t charge

Easy steps to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Charge

  • Restart Your iPhone

We agree that it cannot solve any serious problems. However, rebooting your iPhone and try to plug it in again sometime is work.

  • Buy a New USB Cable

It is possible if the problem why your iPhone does not charge is because of the USB cable. To test, it is better to buy or borrow a USB cable. If it works, it means the old USB cable is broken, so you have to buy a new one.

  • Buy a Wall Charger

In case that you always use a wall charger power adapter, not a USB cable you plug it into your computer, it can be the adapter blocks the iPhone from charging. The only way to check is to use another power adapter that you can borrow from your friend. Charge your phone with it and if works, buy a new one.

  • Check Your USB Port

So you are using the right USB port, but it is still won’t charge. It can be because the USB port is broken. Test it by plugging your iPhone into another USB port. The USB port is broken if your computer can recognize your device and charge it.

  • Try iPhone Recovery Mode

We think that the Recovery Mode can solve them with great steps. It is similar to a restart, but it can solve issues that are more complex. In recovery mode, you are going to lose your data on the iPhone. Therefore, you have to backup your data first and return to factory settings.

  • Dead Battery

If you have tried all the methods above but still failed, it can be because your iPhone’s battery is dead. It means you need to replace it. To get the service, you have to spend about $79 plus shipping. You can go with other companies that offer this service with a less expensive budget. It is important to note that your iPhone is still less than one year old and if you have AppleCare, it means you can get the battery replacement service free, without spending any money.

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