What Comes in the iPhone XS Box? Let’s Take a Look

what comes in the iphone xs box

You, who want an iPhone XS or XS Max, certainly need to know what comes in the iPhone XS Box, right? Do you want to know what accessories come with the phone when you want to buy [iPhone XS pricing details], don’t you? In this matter, we want to explain the answer to you about such a question. For you who ever have iPhone XS or XS Max must know about the accessories. However, for you who never have it, you certainly want to know what they are. So, let’s discuss them.

What Comes in the iPhone XS Box Details

  • iPhone XS or XS Max with iOS 12

First of all you will get the iPhone XS. This device is completed with iOS 12 as the operating system. With this operating system, you can get a better system than the older system with the older operating system. With iOS 12, you can have smarter SIRI, a new feature of a keyboard, more professional features of photos and cameras, and other features.

what comes in the iphone xs box

  • EarPods with Lightning Connector

The box of iPhone XS also contain EarPods with Lightning Connector. These EarPods let you play music or other audios in them using the superior lightning connector. So, it will make you easier to listen to the audio from your phone using such devices. For accompanying your activity, these EarPods will offer an enjoyable experience for you. Then, you need to know that the EarPods will also allow you to answer a call and adjust the volume of the phone easily.

  • Lightning to USB Cable

The third device on the box is this sophisticated USB jack adapter. You can easily connect your iPhone XS with the audio jack to other lightning accessories using this device. It is so important for you because sometimes you will certainly need to connect your phone to other devices for some reasons.

  • 5W USB Power Adapter

The presence of this device in the box let you charge your phone with Retina Display through an electrical outlet. Thus, it can bring you to the convenient way of recharging your iPhone XS.

  • Documentation

The last thing you will get from the box of this iPhone XS is a quick started guide. It will be useful for you as a guide to use and operate this device. With it, you can find out the safety, warranty and regulatory information of the device.

Well, that is all the explanation to answer the question of what comes in the iPhone XS Box. Seen from the things in the box of this iPhone XS or XS Max, it is certainly clear that this phone is so superior.

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