Useful Trick and Tips for Your iPhone 5s You Should to Know

tips for your iphone 5s

Apple becomes superior that create the high technology Smartphone in use. The iPhone 5s is almost similar with previous series from iPhone 5 but still have the new features inside your device. This is essentials; you should know the tips and tricks that really useful for your iPhone 5s and the tricks can make your Smartphone more possible. All of the features in iOS 7 will become more relevant for the users.

Awesome Tips for Your iPhone 5s

The camera from iPhone 5s and camera applications contain some trick that you can use. In the right bottom side from the key screen there is small camera icon. When you want to take pictures faster, you can click the Camera App. Then you can click the Volume Up button for your shutter button. You will able to take whole of pictures with many shots, you need click and hold the shutter button in your screen or Volume Up button in your iPhone 5s.

tips for your iphone 5s

The camera able give you shoot in ten per seconds. you can choose your best picture on it. As we mention before that this iPhone 5s is able to give you slow motion video. You only need click the Camera App and tap double sweep and turn into Slo-Mo mode. Do not forget to push the shutter button to start and stop the video like usual. If you push the thumbnail in left bottom side, this button has function to look you video review. You can drag the timeline markers to give order for slow motion mode when you need to stop or start. The most interesting is you able to get the dramatic effect in your video. Apple also made the M7 motion for the co-processor and has ability to track your daily activities. You can take advantages from it and choose the application that suit for you.

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