How to Unlock iPhone Passcode with Two Easy Ways

unlock iphone passcode

It is happy news for you, the users of iPhone, who want to find out the ways of how to unlock iPhone Passcode. Some of them ever have a problem in using their iPhone, such as they maybe forget your passcode of your iPhone. Besides, it can be proved by the existence of message which tells that the device is disabled. It is shown on your screen of your iPhone.

unlock iphone passcode

Steps to Unlock iPhone Passcode

Talking about unlock iPhone passcode, if you enter the passcode which is incorrect six times, your device will be disabled and it will be locked out. So, you cannot use or operate your iPhone again. Thus, we will help you to solve this problem by unlocking or removing your passcode. Just follow these two easy ways well!

  1. Erase the Device Using iTunes

When you use this app, you are able to restore your device. The first step which you can do is connecting your device to the computer. Then, you should open the app from iTunes and wait for it in order to sync your device and also make a backup. After finishing it, just click “Restore”

restore iphone using itunes

  1. Erase the Device using Recovery Mode

Actually, this way is for restoring the device. The first step is connecting your device to the computer and then opening the app from iTunes. After that, while waiting for the device is connected, you have to force restart it. Then, you will find the icon of “Restore”, just click it.

In this step, you need to know that the app of iTunes will download software for the device. After taking about 15 minutes, the device will be recovery mode. Please wait for this process has finished. Hence, you are allowed to set up and even use the device.

That’s all the information to unlock iPhone passcode. Hopefully, it will very help you in removing the passcode on your iPhone. Try it guys!

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