How to Unlock iPhone 6 With an Easy Steps Securely

unlock iphone 6

Unlock iPhone will help you to use it when traveling and also switch the network provider easily. Maybe you are looking for the official way to unlock the iPhone for free. As we all know, there are several ways for unlocking the iPhone and you will choose the best one. Practice the simple one and absolutely low of risk. If want to unlock iPhone 6, try the steps below.

unlock iphone 6

Several Different Ways to Unlock iPhone 6

  • Unlock iPhone 6 by using a Gevey SIM
    This way will work on your iPhone and unlock the phone easily. But it is not a good one and really cool because you will find some trouble while using it. Let me tell you first before you use it. Gevey SIM is a new technology from China. The form is a thin piece equipment and you will connect it with the real SIM card from the different carrier. I mean, not the carrier that makes your iPhone locked. Through it, your iPhone detects it as invalid SIM card.
  • Unlock iPhone 6 with iPhoneIMEI.Net
    If you don’t want to use the Gevey SIM, you will use another way like iPhoneIMEI.Net. This method is very easy to do and just follow the three steps. Besides that, it is low of risk and keeps your iPhone in a good condition.
  1. The first step, open your iPhone menu and go to find the unlock iPhone 6.
  2. The second step by select the iPhone carrier. If you are not sure about it, you will check it first to minimize the risk. Check it by using the available link of iPhone carrier check.
  3. The last, you will insert the iPhone IMEI number. After that, select iPhone model and then choose “Unlock now”. Just follow the right steps as the instructions and you must wait for the confirmation email.

Well, after know how to unlock iPhone 6, you will practice it soon. If the steps success, you will use any SIM cards, network from another country and also any carriers. It is the best way for you to end up your question about unlocking iPhone 6.

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