How to Unlock iPhone 5 Using Simple Steps

unlock iphone 5

To find the right steps of how to unlock iPhone 5 will be essential for you as the users of that phone. It will help you so much when you need to unlock your iPhone 5 from a specific network or carrier. Thus, you can enjoy the non-limited feature of your iPhone 5 after you succeed unlocking it. Do you want it to happen to your iPhone? The steps below are the key for you.

unlock iphone 5

Step by Step to Unlock iPhone 5

The steps of how to unlock iPhone 5 are actually easy to do if you know them well. You can do all of them carefully if you want to be successful in unlocking your iPhone 5. So, follow the steps below!

  1. Find your IMEI

There are three methods for you to find your IMEI. First, you can dial *#06#. Then the second, you can find it by looking for it on the back of the device. For iPhone 5 or the newer iPhone, the IMEI is located there. Third, you can click “I” button on the activation screen. you can do it if your phone is a non-activated mobile device.

  1. Verify the Model of Your Device

Then, you should determine the device model you want to unlock. Since you want to unlock the iPhone 5, so just choose it.

  1. Select one service that provides IMEI number
  2. Tap Unlock now

When you see the Unlock button appears, just tap it.

  1. Pay the Fee

In the process of unlocking, you should pay for it. in this matter, you can use Visa or Mastercard. Then, you should also enter your email address to get updates related to the process of unlocking the status.

  1. Wait For the Confirmation

To get confirmation of unlocking your iPhone 5, you need to take notice back in one to three working days.

After you get a notice of the unlocking your phone, you can be free from a specific network or carrier of your phone. So, enjoy your freedom of restriction. Yes, that is how to unlock iPhone 5 which is easy to follow for you.

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