The Smart Way How to Unlock Disable iPhone

unlock disable iphone

How to unlock disable iPhone is not a difficult thing to do. You must know it to solve your problem when you forget the passcode of your phone and entering the wrong passcode several times. It also will happen when there is a person that tries to open our phone without our permission and enter the incorrect passcode.

unlock disable iphone

When we face this problem and know that iPhone is disable, we will feel so panic. But don’t be afraid because here you will learn how to unlock disable iPhone with simple steps.

Different Way How to Unlock disable iPhone

You can do it by erasing and restoring your iPhone through the iTunes and iCloud, or by using Recovery Mode in iTunes. Just follow it and you will get the solutions.

Unlock Disable iPhone with iTunes

  1. Download recovery software on the computer and install it
  2. Next, connect the disable iPhone to the PC
  3. After that, scan and also get back the data from the iPhone
  4. Please log in to the iTunes and complete it with Apple ID if needed
  5. Then, go to the summary and find your iPhone device
  6. Please sync with iTunes and make some backup
  7.  When the sync and backup complete, restore iPhone
  8. If you need to restore, you should choose “Restore from iTunes Backup” to set up the device
  9. Finally, choose your device through the iTunes and choose recent backup to restore

Unlock with Recovery Mode

  1. First, lease unplugs your device.
  2. Next, please press down the button of sleep or wake from your iPhone
  3. Shut down your iPhone
  4. Plug your iPhone into the PCP and press down the home button
  5. After that, you must press down the home button until “connect to iTunes Screen” appears.
  6. If it appears, choose Restore from the options that showed on the screen

You will choose one of the ways how to unlock disable iPhone that you like and low on risk. So, you must remember the way to do it and when you need it in the urgent time you will do it directly.

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