Tricks to Save Battery Life on iPhone 5s

save battery life on iphone 5s

iPhone 5s is famous to be one of the best smartphone Apple ever produced. Although this handset has been launched in the market for several years but this device still becomes one of favourite chosen by many people. It is no surprising because iPhone 5s comes with high quality of specification and packed with modern features which can successfully steal consumers’ heart in the market. Despite the fact that it is available in very high price due its category as high-end device, iPhone 5s actually provide quality which that will worth the price. However, fact tells that the device consume much energy. If you want to save battery life on iPhone 5s, here is.

Several Tips to Save Battery Life on iPhone 5s

save battery life on iphone 5siPhone 5s which runs on iOS 7.1 is renowned not providing particular type of ‘power saving’ mode that can be used to save the battery life. As a consequence, you need to cope with manual setting whenever you face low battery. However, no need to worry since there is several ways that you can try in order to reduce high energy consumption on this smartphone. The display is claimed to be the largest consumer of energy. Thus, you need to maintain the brightness at 75 per cent. Besides, turning the brightness lower than that also serves as good option since you can make it into auto-brightness.

Setting the emails to be available for every 15 up to 30 minutes is also beneficial to help reducing energy consumption. It happens since it will turn off the background updates as well as location services when you do not rely on maps. A small known tips help saving the battery life too. it is because you will be prevented to keep looking on how much the battery remaining when you are in the middle of using this handset. You need to know whether the high consumption of energy caused by other problems or not. If so, that you need to give the device the best services required.

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