How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC or Mac

transfer photos from iphone to pc

Camera on the iPhone comes with better image quality which is not surprising that it is the most favorite smartphone cameras at this time. Apple improves the image quality and the resolution, but you need more storage space to deal with. Besides, the RAW images support and the 4K videos make those file are larger. Even when you use an iPhone with 16GB, soon you find that the device is running out of space. Therefore, you should know how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC or Mac to solve this issue.

transfer photos from iphone to pc

The Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC or Mac

Apple does not change the process to import and transfer photo from the iOS device whether you are using Windows or MacOS. The process can be slightly different based on the operating systems, but it is all about plugging your iPhone and clicks the Import button.

  • Plug your phone to your computer by using a 30-pin USB cord or lighting cable just like the way you were uploading music.
  • The Photos app should launch directly. If you do not see this, open through Launchpad or launch Aperture or iPhoto. Find your device at the left side of the Photos app screen if the computer could not select it automatically. We also recommend you to use the Image Capture app in MacOS for quick download content from phone to a folder.
  • For those who use Photos, choose the Import New, the blue button in the upper-right corner. Alternatively, choose the individual photos you wish to import or transfer. After that, you can click the Import Selected button at the top. Choose Delete items after import if you wish to delete the photos on your iPhone automatically after importing.
  • Once it is complete, choose Last Import on the left to see the recent uploaded images. If you perform Ctrl and click an image, it brings up additional options such as favoriting, sharing, and editing.

By default, MacOS launches the Photos app whenever a memory card, a camera, or a device contains photos like iPhone is connected. If you want to disable this feature, after the Photo launches at the first time, uncheck the box “Open photos for this device” or “Open photos”. It means the next time you connect your iPhone to your Mac, it does not launch photos automatically.

Those are the simple tutorial to transfer Photos from iPhone to PC or Mac.

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