How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone 5s Using iTunes Apps

transfer mp3 to iphone 5s

Smartphones include developed into the high-tech multimedia system device that truly does not only phone calls. At this time, a cell phone includes a Internet browser, a digital camera and also an MP3 player, so that you can mention a few features. Apple iPhone 5s isn’t exception to this; there are included as well a music player which plays MP3, WMA, AAC as well as other audio file formats in order to support it’s music-loving customers. Transferring your favourite Music to your iPhone 5s is made very easy by using iTunes applications. In case you want to transfer mp3 to iPhone 5s, follow these steps below.

transfer mp3 to iphone 5s

Steps to Transfer MP3 to iPhone 5s

  • Launch iTunes applications on your computer.
  • Click on the “File” menu. Choose and click on the “New Playlist” menu to create a playlist in order to transfer your MP3 files. Write a title you want in your new playlist.
  • Choose the newly created playlist. Open up the directory the spot where the MP3 files you want to transfer are located.
  • Drag the MP3 file to the right panel of the playlist the MP3 you wish to copy to the list. Add more MP3 files by repeating this step.
  • Be connected your iPhone 5s to the computer using the USB cable. Your iPhone will show up in the Summary tab.
  • Click on the “Music” tab on iTunes and then click the “Sync Music” check box. Click on the created playlist’s check box in your iPhone.
  • Click the “Sync” button on iTunes to transfer the created playlist to your iPhone.
  • Disconnect your iPhone 5s from your computer. Take a look atyour phone to find out if the transfer was successful.
  • After it’s done, you’re free to play back the MP3 in your iPhone 5s just like all the rest of your library.

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