Top Four Ways of How to Clear Cache on iPhone

how to clear cache on iphone

If you are the user of iPhone and you need the information on how to clear cache on iPhone, just have a great pay attention to this one! As we know, the iPhone includes the friendly devices. Although it is a fact, the iOS still gets many files which are unwanted. Actually, it can make your device slow down to use. Thus, we will help you to solve this problem in order to get faster on your device. Besides, if you want to clear and remove those unwanted files, it will make the performance of your device become the new style.

how to clear cache on iphone

How to Clear Cache on iPhone

When you want to know the way of how to clear cache on iPhone, there are some easy steps which you should do. They will be shared in this following explanation clearly.

  • Delete the Safari cache

In deleting the cache in Safari, you have to do some following steps. The first step is opening the Settings app and then scroll down also click the Safari on the bottom side. The second one is scrolling down the screen, click Clear History and Website Data. Finally, you can Clear History and Data.

  • Clear app the data

When you want to clear app the data, you could use the option in the Settings. Firstly, you click Settings, General, and then iPhone Storage. After that, you will find your own apps at the bottom of the screen. So, you can choose some apps which take a lot of space in the storage.

  • Free up the memory

In this case, you are able to free up the memory by restarting the iPhone. Greatly, this step is one of the good ways in order to clear the memory. So, you could use enough space for the apps which are so significant for you.

  • Download a cleaner app

It is better for you to know that an app cleaner is the most effective way to make your space in the storage. Moreover, it is the fastest one which you can do.

Well, all of those ways of how to clear cache on iPhone. Hope it can be useful for you who want to clear or remove the apps which are unwanted in your device.

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