How to View Slide Show on iPhone Using Simple Methode

slide show on iphone

slide show on iphoneAs an iPhone users, have you ever tried to connect your iPhone to the television? iPhone provides many advantages for users compared to other smartphones. Besides having a clear camera, this phone can also be connected to your television; it is very interesting, right? When you try to connect it to your TV, you can see your phone’s display appears on your TV screen. The use of clear camera on the iPhone 5 will certainly produce great pictures too, and of course, you can see it in the form of a slide show on the TV screen. In this article, we will inform you how to view slide show on iPhone.

Steps to View Slide Show on iPhone

  1. Open the photo or album in which you want the slide show to start.
  2. Press the Share button and then press Slideshow Slideshow Options screen will then appear.
  3. Press Transition.
    Select the type of transition you want from the list.
  4. Press Play to make the Music on or off.
    • If you want to add music to slide, tap the Music app, and it will automatically open so you can make the choice of music.
    • Once you press your choice, you automatically go back to your places Photos.
  5. Press Start Slideshow.
    The slide show plays on the photo where you begin to end the album.

Once you are on the slide show, you should know that on the slideshow there is a setting display that you can set by yourself. To be able to set the slideshow display then you should:

Open the Settings app – > Press Photos & Camera – > Tap Slideshow In the Slideshow settings.

There are several settings display that there can be set, there are:

  • Play Each Slide: Choose the duration of each image on the screen, from 2 to 20 seconds.
  • Repeat: Play slide show in a continuous loop.
  • Shuffle: Play pictures in random order.

To be able to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer, it will be handled by your photo management software. If you are using a Mac, then you may be able to use Image Capture, iPhoto, Aperture or any other application that you like. However, if you use Windows, so you can use Photoshop Elements (8 or later), Live Photo Gallery or the Pictures Library.

If you already connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable, then surely your photo management application will recognize your iPhone as it would any other digital camera. You should know that if you import a selection of photos doesn’t appear automatically, then you should:

Go to a command such as File -> Import -> Choose to import all the photos or select only a few photos you want to import.

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