How to Take Screenshot on iPhone XS and XS Max in Easy Ways

take screenshot on iphone xs

When you use your iPhone XS and want to take a screenshot something, however, you do not know to do that. So, what will you do? Don’t worry, guys! This review will help you know the ways of how to take screenshot on iPhone XS. Actually, taking a screenshot from your iPhone is one of the great things that you can do. It is done in order to share moments, conversations, pictures, or everything that you see on the screen of iPhone XS. So, let’s see the ways of how to taking a screenshot on your iPhone XS.

The Five Ways of How to Take Screenshot on iPhone XS

Discussing about the process of taking a screenshot on your iPhone XS, it will be very easy to do. Why can it be like that? Well, it is because in this discussion will be provided five ways to screenshot in simple ones. Are you curious about them? Okay, let’s discuss it one by one in detail explanation so that you are able to understand it well.

  1. Open the app

The first step if you want to take a screenshot is opening the app. It means that you have to open the app or screen that you want to screenshot. For example, when you want to capture a photo, you should open the app of a gallery. Then, choose one of them which you want to capture.

  1. Set up everything

What does it mean? Well, it means that you are suggested to set up everything which is related to the way that you want it to screenshot.

take screenshot on iphone xs

  1. Press the side button

Then, the third step that you should do is pressing and also holding the side button. This button is located on the right side of your iPhone XS. It is very easy to find.

  1. Press the volume up button

After pressing the side button, what you should do? Yea, that’s right. You must click the volume up button which is on the right side too. Please remember that you should click this button at the same time.

  1. Take a screenshot

Finally, comes to the last step which you can take a screenshot. It is indicated by the screen on your iPhone XS will appear flash white. Besides, you will hear the sound of a camera shutter. However, if the sound on your iPhone XS is enabled.

Those are the five easy ways of how to take a screenshot on iPhone XS. Hopefully, it can be beneficial for you when you need it. So, just apply it as soon as possible!

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