How to Take Panorama Photo with iPhone

When we go to a beautiful place of course we immediately have the desire to capture it in a photograph. Sometimes the view is too large to fit into a single image that we want. How can really we capture the beautiful scenery in your photos? If you use iPhone you can take photo using iPhone’s Panorama feature. To take Panorama Photo with iPhone follow these simple tips below.

take panorama photo with iphone

Step by Step to Take Panorama Photo with iPhone

  • Open the Camera app. You can find this on your iPhone’s Home screen. You must be using an iPhone 4S or later; the iPhone 4 and 3GS are not able to take panoramic shots.
  • Switch to Panorama mode. Use your finger to scroll the bottom bar on the phone until it says “PANO”. This is Panorama Mode. You can use the front or rear camera to take the photo.
  • Determine the direction. You will be taking the panorama shot by moving your phone either left or right to capture the entire shot. By default, the camera will ask you to pan right, but you can tap the arrow to switch it to the other direction.
  • Start the shot. Tap the Shutter button to begin the panorama shot. Slowly move the camera horizontally along the path displayed on your screen. Keep your phone steady and on the same level the entire time.
  • You can move all the way to the end of the space allowed, or you can stop your panorama at any time by tapping the Shutter button again.
  • Move slowly to give the iPhone time to capture everything in the frame. This will help prevent the picture from looking too blurry.
  • Avoid moving the phone up and down while panning for the shot. The iPhone will automatically smooth the edges, but if you move too much there will be a lot of image that gets cropped.
  • View the image. After it has finished processing, the panorama will be added to your Camera Roll. You can share and edit it just like you would any other photo. Turn your phone sideways to see the entire panorama in one frame.

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