How to Factory Reset iPhone to Resolve the Problems

factory reset iPhone

Many people especially the iPhone users ask about how to factory reset their iPhone. Most of the iPhone users, sometimes, are careless and they forget the passcode. Therefore, resetting the iPhone to the factory setting is the only way to enable the phone. If you face this similar problem, you need to read this article. This might be useful information for you. That is because it will explain about the ways how to factory reset iPhone.

factory reset iPhone

Even if you have already known how to factory reset your iPhone, you need to be patient of waiting for the process. Resetting the iPhone might take 10 to 15 minutes or even more. Once your phone exits the recovery mode, you still need to do 2 or 3 acts more. Anyway, let’s start to reset the iPhone easily in these following points. Check it out!

Several Steps to Factory Reset Your iPhone

In this discussion, we will explain more about how to factory reset iPhone without password in many guides and steps to follow. Learn what you should do below!

  • Use iCloud

Undoubtedly, there is one the easiest way to factory reset your iPhone. You can do it by using iCloud. You must have already had the iCloud account, right? Well, let you go to the Setting. Then choose the iCloud.

Select all the necessary apps which you need to reset your iPhone. Those are such as Mail, Photos, Phone Contact, and Notes. After choosing the important apps to back up, find the green icon, the backup button. You can do it by scrolling down the phone’s screen. Click and turn on the iCloud backup. Then, it will directly back up your data once you turn on your internet or Wi-Fi connection.

  • Use iTunes

When you find your phones are disabled, you can reset the iPhone with iTunes. The old users must use the iTunes than iCloud to factory reset their phone. This is because iTunes has been available before the iCloud. Well, if you want to use the iTunes, you need to launch it.

restore iphone

You must click the iTunes menu on the left side of the main toolbar. If you do not have iTunes app, you need to download it first. After that, you have to connect it to the computer. You can connect your iPhone to your PC by using USB. Then, click the gray back up now button.

  • Use the passcode

You can reset your iPhone easily if you remember your passcode. You just need to go to Settings, then choose General and click Reset. After that, you must select Erase All Content and Settings. Type your passcode once you see the warning tab. You will also use your password of the iPhone’s ID to confirm the action.

The Important Things About Factory Reset iPhone

reset iphone settingsYou might not wonder to factory reset your iPhone anymore. This is because this article has explained it in the previous discussion. However, you still need to pay attention to many things which may be a risk for you. Here are the important things you must mention.

  • Sensitive data

Most of the factory reset will exactly delete all your sensitive data. However, you still need to check whether you have deleted your private data or not. If it has not, it will be dangerous if you sell your phone. The buyer who purchases your phone will get access to your data. It includes the financial info, personal photos, and videos, or even your social media.

  • Connection

If you are going to reset your data on your iPhone, make sure you have a mobile or Wi-Fi data connection. This is because the Phone will download the application you used to use. If you have limited data connection, you might choose not to install the apps. Consider deleting the apps which have the large capacity such as games. Try to also think of not installing the available social media you rarely visit.

  • The experts

If resetting the data on your iPhone is confusing and complicated, you might ask for the experts’ help. Usually, there are ones who become the genius in solving the problems. Those are such as data corruption, a malfunctioning device, etc. Those will be able to reset your phone easily. Of course, you need to pay the fee.

  • Contact the Apple support

If you cannot restore your iPhone using recovery mode because the buttons are broken, let you contact the Apple Support. You will get a chance to have a conversation with the customer service there. Of course, the customer service there will try to help you by giving you the solution. Then, you need to do what the customer service says to set up your iPhone.

Finally, to know the further info about factory reset iPhone, you need to go online. Browse the info about it as well as you have the connection to surf the internet.

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