How to Show the iPhone Battery Capacity as A Percentage

iphone battery capacity

Using iPhone lets us know the battery capacity easily since the icon is displayed at the top right corner of the device. It helps you to know about the battery life on your iPhone, but without any details. The little icon does not tell us about the percentage of the battery. Fortunately, Apple provides a small setting to their iOS. It helps you to know more information about how much energy left on your device. By using this setting, it is possible for you to check the iPhone battery capacity on a percentage. If you see the screen on the top right corner, there is a battery percentage. It makes you easier to understand with the more accurate information about the battery. It also helps you know about the time to recharge the battery.

iphone battery capacity

How to Display iPhone Battery As A Percentage (For iOS 9 and Up)

You can follow these steps to view the battery life on your iPhone as a percentage, especially for iOS 9 users and up.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Battery
  3. Slide the Battery Percentage to green/on.

For iOS 9 and up, Apple provides you a neat chart to let you know about what apps take the most battery. For more, you can go to the Tracking Battery Usage section in this post.

How to Enable Battery Percentage (For iOS 4 to 8)

It does not matter if you are using iOS 4 to iOS 8. It is still possible for you to check the battery as a percentage. However, you need to go with the different process. You can do some things as below:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose General (for iOS 6 and up, you can skip this step if you are going with the older OS)
  3. Hit Usage
  4. Slide the Battery Percentage to green (for iOS 7 and up ) or on (for iOS 4 through 6)

Tracking Battery Usage

For those who use the iOS 9 and up, you can use another feature that is available on the Battery setting screen. This feature is useful for you, which known as Battery Usage. The feature allows you a list of apps that used the most battery life in the previous day or in the last week.

By using this information, it helps you to consider whether you are going to use the apps every day or reduce its frequency. Even it helps you to delete the apps if you think that they are not necessary at all.

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