How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS Easily

show battery percentage on iphone xs

iPhone XS is one of the nice types of Apple Products. Some people like this type. It is because the batteries can life at a long time. However, you still need to check the percentage of your gadget. So, how to show battery percentage on iPhone XS? It is not difficult. You can check your battery of your iPhone so periodically. By doing so, you will not run out when you are doing an important thing with your iPhone. You can follow the steps below!

show battery percentage on iphone xs

Steps to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS

Displaying the Battery Percentage on the iPhone XS is important. You will know exactly how much is left when used. To see in the form of percentages, you have to do a little arrangement.

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Search and click the Battery menu
  3. In the Battery Percentage section, swipe to the right of the button to activate it.
  4. Display the percentage of iPhone battery

The iPhone X settings above are not available. It is because there is no place to display the battery percentage. The place is used for the TrueDepth camera system. There are no special settings to display the battery indicator in percentage form on the iPhone XS. It is activated by default. You cannot see it directly because it is hidden in the Control Center panel. So you cannot see directly the amount of battery remaining.

You can also do this way to check your battery percentages on your iPhone XS.

  1. Ask Siri

You can show the battery percentage on the iPhone XS by just asking Siri. You can ask what the percentage of my battery is and Siri will tell.

  1. Start charging your mobile

It’s not the best way to do this. It is especially if you don’t intend to charge your iPhone battery. However, you can put it in a charger, or use a wireless one. Exactly, you Will know the percentage left.

  1. Open the Control Center

Swipe down from the right to open the control center and show your battery percentage. This is the easiest way to do it. Maybe the one you use most often.

You can do many ways to get information about your battery percentages. Do the easiest way based on your iPhone types. Those some ways above can be tried.

So, now you know how to show battery percentage on iPhone XS. You can try to get nice information for your battery information. So, you will be more comfortable to do everything with your gadget.

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