How to Setup Passcode on iPhone XS to Protecting Your Data

setup passcode on iphone xs

Learning the steps of how to setup passcode on iPhone XS is very important to do for the iPhone XS users. Why can it be like that? It is because setting up a passcode on the iOS device can help you in protecting your own data. In this case, you will find the ways of how to setup new iPhone XS from an old phone. Then, related to the passcode, the device needs your passcode when you do some activities. They can turn on or restart your iPhone, press the home button, swipe up the screen in order to unlock your iPhone. Besides, also update the software, delete your device, see or change the settings of a passcode, and install the profiles of iOS configuration.

setup passcode on iphone xs

Four Steps to Setup Passcode on iPhone XS

In setting up a passcode on your iPhone XS, you need to do four steps which are so simple. Do you want to know them? Yea, it is a must. Here are four steps that you can do easily.

  1. iphone xs passcodeGo to Settings

The first step that you should do is going to the Settings of your iPhone XS. And then you will find Face ID and Passcode. For the iPhone styles which are earlier, you can go to Touch ID and then Passcode. On the other hand, if you are one of the device users with having no Touch ID, you are suggested to go to Settings and tap Passcode.

  1. Tap the Passcode

In this step, you have to tap the passcode and then just turning it on. You are able to do that after going to the Settings.

  1. Enter a Passcode

Entering a passcode is the third step that you should do after turning on the passcode. You are suggested to enter a passcode which consists of six digits. Besides, you can tap the passcode options. It is used to switch to a numeric code which has four digits, a custom alphanumeric code, or a custom numeric code.

  1. Enter a Passcode Again

It is the last step in setting up a passcode on your iPhone XS. After the third step is done well, you should enter your own passcode again. It is done in order to confirm the passcode which you have and also make the passcode active.

Well, guys, that’s the clear explanation of how to setup a passcode on iPhone XS. Hopefully, you are able to understand it well so that you can do those steps without difficulties.

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