How to Set Up Apple Pay on iPhone XS for Many Transactions

More and more years, technological development in the world is progressing. In fact, the development of technology for communication devices such as the iPhone has gone a long way. Recently, Apple launches the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Those gadgets come with uniqueness where there is no Home button. It replaces with the Face ID. Besides that, the iPhone XS appears an Apple Pay feature that is very useful for several activities. In this article we will discuss how to set up Apple Pay on iPhone XS need to know by the beginner.

set up apple pay on iphone xs

How to Set Up Apple Pay on iPhone XS and the Other X series

The presence of the Apple Pay feature really eases all human’s needs. By this feature, you can make lots of transactions such as purchasing for clothes, foods, medicines, and many else.  You can also send or receive money involving your friends and or your family. To enjoy this facility, you should set the Apple Pay first such as below:

add card on apple pay

  • Navigate your iPhone to the Setting. Select Wallet & Apple Pay. It is the place to add Credit or Debit Card in case you do not do it when you set the phone.
  • Tap Debit Card or Credit.
  • Continue to the bottom of the screen after pressing the button.
  • Line up the Credit or the Debit Card. You can do it manually. Afterward, tap the next!
  • Next, enter the expired date and the security code. Then, tap the next.
  • Lastly, press Agree on the Term and Condition. Here, your card must be ready to use.

It is not difficult to set the Apple Pay feature on your iPhone XS. Now, you may use it according to your need. Here are the steps to use the Apple Pay:use apple pay on iphone xs

  • Launch the Apple Pay by tap side button on the iPhone twice.
  • Get close the iPhone to the payment terminal.
  • You are your Face ID. It will secure your Apple Pay purchase.

Well, you just run three easy steps to make your transaction. It implies you will not spend a lot of time to pay, send, or receive. Okay, it is how to set up and use Apple Pay on iPhone XS where the users may use it on iPhone XS Max and XR. As your information, the X series differ from the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. It does not use sensor ID Touch again to authenticate Apple Pay purchases. The iPhone changes the feature with Face ID that is very easy to manage and use.

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