How to Set Alarms on iPhone and Add a Snooze Function

set alarms on iphone

set alarms on iphoneAlarm on your iPhone is useful to wake you up on time and we can use as a reminder of several things. You can set an alarm to be repeatedly turned on or not, what sound you want to use and you can add a snooze function on the alarm. Always remember that alarm will still ring when you use silent mode. Here’s how to set alarms on iPhone.

Steps to Set Alarms on iPhone

  • Press the clock feature on your mobile phone.
  • After you’re on the clock, press the alarm button at the bottom of the screen.
  • To add a new alarm, press the plus sign in the top right corner so screen Add Alarm will display.
  • Use the rotor to set the time you want the alarm goes off.
  • If you want the alarm used repeatedly, press repeat. You can choose alarm for every day or a combination of day. Which means you can have the alarm Monday to Friday labeled Weekday on the alarm list and while the Saturday to Sunday labeled Weekend.
  • After you pick a day to activate the alarm, tap back.
  • To select the sound that you want for the alarm, you can choose from a list that available. Scroll down to see all the options, including ring tones purchased or made. On iOS 6 there are new features that you can use a song as your alarm tone.
  • You can turn on or turn off the snooze alarm. Snooze alarm lets you when press the alarm when it sounds and after ten minutes it sounds again.
  • After you finished make new alarm tap save. To turn on and turn off the alarm press the switch on the right.
  • To turn off the alarm, you only need to press the phone screen.

To change the existing alarm, tap edit in the upper left of the screen and select an alarm that will change. If you want to delete an alarm, then press the Edit button. After that, press red button on the left of the alarm time and then press the Delete button that appears to the right. If you have finished tap Done.

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