How to Save Battery on iPhone with 4 Simple Steps

save battery on iphone

When we talking about saving battery on the iPhone, what do you think? Many people even all people have a big wish in having the battery which is last longer. However, most of them find that their iPhone battery is draining fast. So, it makes them charge their iPhone every day. Here’s some tips to save battery on iPhone you can follow.

save battery on iphone

Simple Steps to Save Battery on iPhone

Knowing that problem which is related to save battery on iPhone, we have some good tips for you in order to make your battery last longer. Here they are.

  1. Check the drains

In this case, you should check what drains of the battery of your iPhone. You can do that by opening the app of Settings. Then, you should scroll down in order to click on the battery. The last step is scrolling down again to find out the apps which are the biggest battery drainers.

  1. Enable low power mode

When you use an iPhone, you have to know the good function of Low Power Mode. You are able to make it active automatically when your battery is below 20%. Actually, it will increase the battery life of your iPhone.

  1. Turn off background refresh

When you want to do this step, you should go to Settings, then select General, and finally click Background App Refresh. Greatly, you can refresh the contents or you close the apps which you do not often use.

  1. Clean up junks files

In a fact, when you clean up the junks files on your iPhone, it can save the energy of the battery. On the other hand, it is better for you to know the kinds of junks and unwanted files. They are indiscoverable junks, internet junks, personal and sensitive data, system junks, etc.

While you learn about save battery on iPhone, you are allowed to try it. Thus, the energy of the battery on your iPhone will be last longer.

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