How to Restore iPhone from iCloud or iTunes Easily

Restoring iPhone is needed for you that want to use your previous backup data. For the iPhone user, most of them use the iCloud or iTunes to save the backup data. So, you will restore it every time you need. Maybe one of your reason to do it because you want to keep the data or because you get some trouble in your phone and must do a reset your iPhone.  Learn how to restore iPhone from iCloud or iTunes below.

Two different Ways to Restore Your iPhone

If your backup data is on iCloud, you can restore it by following the guidelines below:

restore iphone from icloudRestore from iCloud backup

  • Turn on your iPhone and next, it will show the Hello screen.
  • If you ever set the device, you must wipe whole contents before you can restore your data from the backup.
  • Next, follow the onscreen setup steps until you find the Apps & Data screen.
  • After that, you will tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Sign in to iCloud with Apple ID.
  • Choose a backup and data that you want to restore and start to transfer it.
  • After that, the device will ask sign into your Apple ID account to restore your apps and purchases. If you forget your password, you will skip it and sign in later.
  • Just wait for the restore progress until the finish. It depends on the size of the data.

And if your backup data is in your iTunes, you can restore it by following the steps below:

Restore from iTunes backup

  • First, open the iTunes on your PC or Mac that used for the backup your iPhone.
  • Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable. Fill the passcode if needed. But if you forget it, you will get some help to get it.
  • Choose your iPhone when appearing on the iTunes.

restore iphone from itunes

  • Search the data that you want to restore.
  • Click restore and wait for the restore process until finish.
  • After it, keep the iPhone connected after a restart and you will wait for the sync with the computer and disconnect after the finish.

The steps how to restore iPhone from iCloud or iTunes are very simple and easy. You will do it by yourself and please do it with care. If you are careless, you will lose your data that really important to you. Let’s do it soon to get your backup data guys.

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