How to Reset iPhone XS Fast and Effective with Three Options

reset iphone xs

One of the new things, when you switch to the iPhone XS, is reset the phone. Why do you must do? It is how to reset an iPhone XS or the other is important. This is part of an important process so that the device is more responsive. In addition, this method can solve various problems from your iPhone. Absolutely, there are three main types in how to reset iPhone XS. It includes Forced Restart, Resetting, and Reset Options from the Settings Apps. Is this method only for iPhone XS? It is, of course, no because Apple always does not only produce one type.

reset iphone xs

3 Ways on How to Reset iPhone XS and XR

You can explore one or all methods below to reset your iPhone. It starts at:

Forced or Hard Reset:

  • Press and release the Volume Up button quickly.
  • Press and release the volume down quickly.
  • Press and Hold the Side button until emerging an Apple logo.

Factory Settings

In order to restore or reset the iPhone XS or XR to Factory Settings, prepare a computer. It will run the latest iTunes and cables to connect to iPhone from the computer:

  • Turn of the computer and open iTunes.
  • Use the right cables to connect the device and the computer.
  • Enter Passcode when requested and confirm. If the message shows up ‘Trust this computer’.
  • Choose the iPhone on the left panel in the iTunes. Afterward, click Summary and “Restore iPhone”.
  • Confirm with click Restore.
  • After it completes, the iPhone restores to the factory settings.

Settings Apps

  • Settings.
  • General.
  • Reset.

Here, you get two options such as Reset all Settings and Erase All Content and Settings. Meanwhile, the other functions related to the resetting different aspects. The ‘Reset All Settings’ reset all your settings but it is not your data. It only includes the Wi-Fi settings and Apple pay card details. You are advised to make a not for your Wi-Fi detail including the password. It is because you might need it to enter after the process complete.

Such as your information, the Forced Restart will not lose your data or the storing media. Even, it includes the safest way to solve the error case on your iPhone XS and XR. Apple will protect what you have on the iPhone. Therefore, you do not need to worry to do the reset. Hopefully, the topic of how to reset iPhone XS here gives you many benefits. Try it to the XR series if you can this device.

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