How to Reset GPS on iPhone 5s Using Simple Method

reset gps on iphone 5s

In case your iPhone 5s is having troubles detecting your geographical location featuring its built-in global positioning system, you can turn the GPS response off to totally reset it. The iPhone 5s works by using a digital compass and also the gyroscopic sensor to discover your location, and it will not be instantly visible that of these sensors is causing the location detection issue. Recalibrating all of the sensors during a GPS troubleshooting method provides the correct hardware has become properly reset. If you need to reset GPS on iPhone 5s, follow these instructions below.

reset gps on iphone 5s

Steps to Reset GPS on iPhone 5s

  • Launch the Settings application on the iPhone 5s simply by tapping it’s icon on the home screen.
  • Slide the “Airplane Mode” change to “On.” This disables all the iPhone’s radio response hardware, including GPS. Wait around for approximately 1 minute then slide the “Airplane Mode” change to “Off.” The iPhone reconnects to all its radio services.
  • Launch an application that makes use of the iPhone’s gyroscope and also digital compass hardware, for example, the native Maps or even Compass applications.
  • Physically move the phone in the large figure eight pattern a few times to recalibrate the gyroscope and also the digital compass. The application should be working during this process to make sure iPhone has got activated the sensors you are recalibrating.
  • Hold the iPhone’s Power button for 2 seconds and slide the red “Slide to power off” button on the screen to the right when the device is still displaying GPS problems. This shuts the iPhone down.
  • Wait for around 1 minute and press the Power button again for 2 seconds to start the iPhone up again.
  • Contact Apple’s customer support or even take the device to an Apple Store when it is still displaying GPS problems and also clarify the troubleshooting methods you’ve attempted.

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