How to Remove Apps from iPhone by Using iTunes Simply

remove apps from iphone

Deleting or removing the Apps on the iPhone usually becomes a habit for the users of the iPhone. To make a large space of the data storage, they need to delete some Apps from their iPhone. Did you know the way on how to remove Apps from iPhone that use the easiest way?

You know, there are two ways that can you use to remove or delete Apps on your iPhone. The ways are through the iTunes on the PC and direct on your iPhone. Are you curious about both of that ways? Let’s check it out the way on how to remove Apps from iPhone below!

The Way to Removing Apps from Your iPhone by iTunes

Compare to remove Apps directly on the iPhone, removing Apps via iTunes on the PC is simpler and more valuable. So, this time, we will teach you how to remove some Apps from the iTunes on the PC. The steps as follows:

Firstly, you can begin with pressing and holding down the Apps icon until all of the icons start to jiggle. In this way, you can remove some Apps on your iPhone. Those are such as Messages, Clock, Settings, and Camera Applications that are not available to install.

remove apps from iphone

Secondly, click on the sign of little (x) that is located on the upper left corner of the Apps that you want to remove it. If you have clicked on that sign, there will be information that if you delete these Apps, then you may miss all of the data on those Apps. If you agree, then you can tap the “delete” button.

In the last step, you need to tap the “delete” button to make sure that you really want to delete those Apps. Although you have removed all of the Apps that you want to remove, you still have the backup on the iTunes library.

So, those steps how to remove Apps from your iPhone are the greatest and simplest way. To make you have a copy of the remove data, you have to use iTunes. Deleting Apps on your iPhone is better if you use the iTunes.

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