How to Record iPhone Screen Instantly and Save as Video

record iphone screen

Have you ever known how to recording your iPhone screen? You need to know that the iPhone is completed with apps that you can make a screen recording and capture sound with it. It must be a great new experience for you. You can record your activities operating your iPhone like playing games, running some apps, making a guide for your fiends and so on. Thus, this feature will be so interesting to use. Here’s the simple steps to record iPhone screen.

record iphone screen

Simple Steps to Record Your iPhone Screen

If you are interested in recording your screen, there are some ways that you can follow as explained below. Here are the ways of how to record iPhone screen:

  1. Add Screen Recording to Control Center

iphone screen recordingFirst, you can start it going to Settings. Then, you can continue by choosing Control Center. To go to Add Icon to add Screen Recording, tap Customize controls. There, you will find Add Icon next to the Screen Recording. The, tap it.

  1. Open Control Center

After you finish adding Screen Recording to Control Center, then you should open it to find the Record Icon.

  1. Tap Record Icon

The next step is to tap Record Icon. After tapping, wait for the countdown which lasts about in three seconds. To catch sound in time you record the screen, just press the Record Icon deeply and click Microphone Audio. By tapping it, the phone is now recording any activities on the screen.

  1. Stop Recording

After recording, you can open Control Center and click the Record Icon with red color. Also, you can click the status bar located on the top of the screen and just tap Stop. By tapping it, you can end the process of recording screen and you can see the result.

Considering that to record the screen is sometimes necessary, you can follow those ways above when you need to do it. Well, that is all about how to record iPhone screen for you, I hope this guide will help you.

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