How to Record a Voice Memo on iPhone

record a voice memo on iphone

Sometimes you have to record the important things quickly, and you don’t bring the stationery at that time. You don’t need to worry because you can write them down quickly on a memo on your iPhone. Voice Memo on iPhone quickly make your task much easier and will do just a little bit faster. Today we will guide you how to record a voice memo on iPhone.

record a voice memo on iphone

Guide to Record a Voice Memo on iPhone

How to use quick memo for iOS 7 and iOS 8

  1. Press the Voice Memo icon (which has a picture of the sound wave) if you can’t find it, use Spotlight Search to search for.
  2. To record a new memo, press the big red button when you want to start recording. You can start talking immediately after pressing the Record button.
  3. If you want to stop recording, press the same button again which will turn red and press the Stop button.
  4. If you have finished recording, tap done to complete and save voice memos. You can cut your recording by tapping the blue trim button, which looks like two lines intersect to form a square.
  5. Give a title on your recording by type in the title of the voice memo and press save.
  6. To listen to the recording that you’ve made, the Voice Memo app will be listed all the memos you’ve recorded with many different titles and details of the date and time duration. Tap one to hear it.

How to use quick memo for iOS 6 and before

  1. Press the home button
  2. Press the Voice Memo application.
  3. To start recording, press the Red circle.
  4. Press the button on the right side area of the volume level when you want to stop recording. Keys must have only one square box in it.
  5. Press the left button (after you start recording notes) to pause the memo.


  • It’s not just available on an iPhone; it’s also available on an iPod touch when the iPod touch has a working pair of headphones.
  • To view all your notes on the memo, press the button three lines lined
  • All your notes will be synchronized to your computer in the form of MP4 file.

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