How to Move Apps on iPhone 6 and Also Add Some Widgets Easily

move apps on iphone 6

For the new owner of the iPhone 6, maybe you are still confused how to move apps on iPhone 6. This is important things for you that own the iPhone 6 to personalize your phone by arrange the widgets and also icons. So, you will place the important applications or widgets on the front page and access it easily.

Besides that, personalize your iPhone by arranging it as your wish will make the phone look so interesting. As we all know that the basic appearance is always look not special. By arranging the icons based on your need, you will save more time to search the applications that you need by place it in the front slide.

move apps on iphone 6

Steps to Move Apps on iPhone 6 and Also Add Some Widgets

Below is the simple guide to moving your Apps on the iPhone 6 easily.

Steps to move Apps

  • Turn on your iPhone 6 first.
  • Search the applications that you want to move and arrange on the home screen.
  • Next press and also hold the app.
  • Move the applications to the appropriate place that you want.
  • Let go the applications to set it in the new locations that you want.

Steps to add some widgets

  • The first steps, just turn on your iPhone 6.
  • Next, you will press and hold down the wallpaper that located on the home screen.
  • Then, you will select widgets on the edit screen.
  • If you still need another widget, add it as your wish and place it in the appropriate place.
  • After adding the number of widget that you want, press and hold the applications or widgets to place it in the space that you want. You will customize its setting.

Well, now you will have a great appearance on your phone by practice the steps how to move apps on iPhone 6 and also add some widgets. So, let’s make the right arrangement by putting the most important one in the place that easy to access and you will use it soon if needed.

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