How to Create and Make a Medical ID on iPhone 6

medical id on iphone 6

Medical ID is one of the most recent features that can be created by using Apple iOS 8. This health application was added when the operation system was issued by Apple. Soon, it becomes a highly rumored application that is also useful and installed by most users. In case you need Medical ID on iPhone 6, below the steps.

The Benefits of Medical ID App 

As a complicated application, Medical ID application provides a fast resource to making charts of kinds of metrics related to a health condition and also physical activity. By having this Medical ID, other people can access the entire important information about your health added before in any emergency case. After you create the Medical ID inside your iPhone 6, then you can make it accessible through the Emergency function. It means that the app can be accessed through the lock screen of the phone.

medical id on iphone 6

How to Create the App of Medical ID on Your iPhone 6

You can make the Medical ID easily in your iPhone. Before you create it, you should normally launch the Health app first. In the application, see the lower right corner and then find the Medical ID tab. Next, you can enter kinds of information about your health history, especially the information that you want to make it accessible via the lock screen. For example, medications, allergies, blood type, any health condition and suffered disease as well as the emergency contact numbers. To enable the function of the application, click Done on the corner of the upper right and then the function is enabled at the app window’s top.

Now you iPhone 6 has had the activated Medical ID in the Health app. Anytime you have had new information about your health; you can enter the new information in the same way through the health app. By having the Medical ID, others can check your health information easily by accessing the Medical ID through your iPhone 6’s lock screen.

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