How to Jailbreak iPhone 6 Using TaiG Jailbreak

jailbreak iphone 6

In this time, let us share how to jailbreak iPhone 6 using TaiG Jailbreak for you. Well, to jailbreak is sometimes interesting to do since it let us give greater control over IOS. We know that the system of iPhone 6 is locked down severely. Therefore, there are some people of iPhone 6 users jailbreak their iPhone. Thus, they can be free to control their iPhone and customize their iPhone 6 to their heart’s content. Are you interested in jailbreaking your iPhone 6? If so, just follow the steps below.

jailbreak iphone 6

Ways How to Jailbreak iPhone 6

By knowing how to jailbreak iPhone 6, it will give some benefits to you. After you are successfully doing the steps of that way, you can make get experience that you do not get before. You can make the lock screen more useful, use banned apps, set default apps, and many others. So, here are the steps to jailbreak the iPhone 6 using TaiG Jailbreak:

  1. Backup the Device: We suggest you to backup your device using iTunes.
  2. Download TaiG Jailbreak: It is better for you to download the latest version.
  3. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable
  4. Disable Passcode Temporally: You can do it by going to the Settings. The, choose Touch ID & Passcode.
  5. Turn off my iPhone temporally: To make it happen, you can go to Settings, choose iCloud, and click my iPhone.
  6. Launch the TaiG Jailbreak Application
  7. Let TaiG detect your device: Make sure that you catch the correct firmware version. Then, deselect the 3K assistant 2.3.0.
  8. Tap the green Jailbreak button to continue the process.
  9. Wait for the Jailbreak to complete

The last, wait for the process until finishes. When it finishes, your phone will reboot automatically. When you are successful jailbreak your iPhone 6, it is marked with the Cydia icon on your home screen.

The steps are a little bit longer. However, you can get so many benefits after being successful doing them all. So, just follow the steps of how to jailbreak iPhone 6 one by one until the finish.

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