iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR Specs Comparison

Apple just announced a lot of new iPhones but the names can be confusing. There’s the XS the XS Max and the XR. how do you know which one to choose? We’re breaking down the specs and working out the difference between the cheapest and most expensive phones. Here’s iPhone XS VS iPhone XS Max VS iPhone XR simple comparison. Let’s start with the price.

iphone xs vs iphone xs max vs iphone xr

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR

Before you decide to buy one of them, it’s good you compare some of the advantages of the three, here we try to make a simple comparison about the newest three iPhones.

  • The Price

Starting from lowest to highest the iPhone XR is the cheapest of the bunch starting at $749 in the U.S. Next is the iPhone XS the successor to last year’s iPhone X. in size the base price is $999, the XS Max is the most expensive at $1.099 but can cost up to $1.449 for the biggest storage options.

  • The Display, Colors and Storage

Design learned they all look fairly similar from the front, the big difference is their size and type of screen. The iPhone XR has a 6.1 inch LCD screen that Apple calls a liquid Retina display. The phone comes in six different colors. The XS has a slightly smaller 5.8-inch screen but it is the same size as the original iPhone X. it’s also an OLED screen that Apple calls the super retina HD display.

The iPhone XS Max it’s a 6.5-inch phone also with an OLED screen. it’s also the heaviest of the lot as you would expect at 7.34 ounces or 208 grams. Both the XS and the XS Max come in space grey silver or the new gold finish.

iphone xs display

Apart from the screen type, the other big difference is that the XR doesn’t have a 3D touch like the other two phones. instead, it has a haptic touch feature so you can press on the screen to launch the camera or a flashlight.

All the phones have Apple’s newest A12 chip and all our water resistant up to 30 minutes. The XS and XS Max can go down to two meters, while the XR is only rated at one meter. As for storage, the XR comes with 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes, while the other two got 64, 256 and 512 gigabytes.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR Feature

There is no home button on any of the phones and all use Face-ID, so your face unlocks the device and authorizes purchases through Apple Pay. They all have wireless charging, the biggest phone the XS MAX will also let you look at the content side by side on the screen. All three phones have dual-SIM functionality, so you can have two numbers on the one phone.

  • The Camera

Moving to the rear camera, the XR does things a little differently from the other two, it has a single lens 12-megapixel camera at F/ 1.8 aperture. The XS and XS Max have a dual camera on the back both at 12-megapixels.

iphone xs camera

The wide-angle lens its F/1.8 and the telephoto 2x optical zoom is at F/2 .4 or 3. will let you selectively control the blur on portrait mode photos. Around the front for 3 shares the same true depth camera with an aperture off F/2.2 and a 7-megapixel sensor. You’ll be able to make an emojis on all three.

  • Pre-order and Availability

The iPhone XS and XS Max are available on September 21 with pre-orders a week before in the US. if you want to get your hands on the cheaper XR you’ll have to wait a bit longer, it’s available on October 26 with pre-orders the week before.

So here’s the cheat sheet if you want the smaller size phone with the best of all worlds. that’s the XS. The cheapest phone is the XR and the biggest one is the XS Max, but don’t expect all those flagship features to come cheap you.

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