iPhone XS Setup: The Complete Guide to Setup Your New iPhone XS

iphone xs setup

When you get a new iPhone XS, first of all, you should know about the iPhone XS setup. By following every step of the setup, you will be able to reach the home screen and can use the phone afterward. That is why to follow the setup is important to do. Then, you should follow the setup of iPhone XS correctly. You can see the iPhone XS user guide or manual instructions if you find difficulties while doing setup and want more information. There are some steps that the user guide explains for you. So, follow them step by step well.

iphone xs setup

iPhone XS Setup Guide for Beginners

For those of you who recently purchased iPhone XS, you should perform the following steps below.

  1. Select language

First, the phone usually asks you to choose the language. To simplify you in following the next step, it is better for you to choose the language based on your region.

  1. Tap Setup Manually

For a certain phone that does not run iOS 11, you should do the setup manually. So, just tap it to go to the next step.

  1. Activate the device

You can activate your device by using Wi-Fi network. Then connect your device to the available Wi-Fi network. Or, you can use the cellular network to activate it. In this matter, you need to insert a SIM Card before turning on your device.

  1. Setup Touch ID or Face Detection

This step of iPhone XS Setup lets you use your fingerprint or face recognition to get your device unlocked. Besides, it can also be used to make purchases.

  1. Create a passcode

Then, the phone will also ask you to create a passcode for security. Therefore, set a six-digit passcode to help you protect the data. This passcode is also useful for you to be able to use features such as Touch ID, Face ID, and Apple Pay.

  1. Restore or transfer your information and data

This step allows you to restore or transfer your information or data from your old device if you have. If you don’t have it, just tap Set Up as New Device.

  1. Sign in with your Apple ID

For you who have an Apple ID, just enter it and enter your password. However, if you don’t have it, just tap the “Don’t have an Apple ID or forget it”. By doing it, you are able to recover your ID, create the new ID, or set it up later.

  1. Set up Siri and other services

After doing the seventh step, the device will ask you to set up or enable services and features such as Siri. On the several devices, it will ask you to speak a few phrases so that Siri can recognize your voice.

  1. Choose settings for app analytics, True Tone, and Home button

In this step, you can turn on the True Tone. It can adjust the color and intensity of the device’s display to make the images of the device look more natural.

  1. Finish up

To end the process of setup, you can tap Get Started to start your device.

Those are the tenth steps of iPhone XS Setup that you should follow before beginning your device. Hopefully, it will be helpful so much to help you set up your new iPhone XS.

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