iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged? Here’s How to Fix it

iphone won't charge

Take a deep breath and don’t grumble when your iPhone won’t charge. Examine the cause of the damage is surely much better than you do it. Alongside that, you will meet the solution too after analyzing the causes. The cases come from the damage lightning cable, dirty charging port, need to restart until the iPhone is broken. Those are the reasons why the iPhone does not charge when plugged in. When you have perceived the problem, you are going to be easier to do the handling. Later, you can try one or all of the 5 solutions below.

iphone won't charge

When Your iPhone Won’t Charge, Fix with these 5 Ways

Do you want to know what the five ways? The ways start from the lightest thing to the serious solving. It is such as:

  1. Hard Reset

It is the easiest step to do where it does not need a long time or less than one minute. You quite press the Home button and the volume below together about 20-30 seconds. You can do it until appears the flare Apple icon.

  1. Check your lightning cable to detect the damage

Check the two ends of the cable that you use to charge. Observe whether fraying or discoloration appears on your cable. If so, then you need to buy a new lightning cable.

  1. Change with the USB cable on your PC

The damage probably comes from the charger cable so you can charge the iPhone on the wall. To make sure about it, connect the device to the laptop with the USB cable. If it works properly means there is a problem with your charger.

  1. Check your iPhone’s charging port

It is very possible for the charging port getting dirty. Moreover, there are many small holes around where dust or other impurities can enter. Clean it with brush and flashlight.

  1. Avoid using cable without MFi certificate

Apple only gives the cable which has MFi certificate. Meanwhile, the accessories without the certificate are not original. It might cause some damage to your hardware and software.

Clean your iPhone charging Port Dirty with Brush

If your iPhone won’t charge because of the impurities, you can clean it with your toothbrush. Choose the smooth brush in order to not cause damage. Brush it smoothly while checking the dust with a flashlight. Do it until the charging port really clean and you can use it again.

iphone port cleaning

Okay, that is the discussion about the solution when the iPhone won’t charge. Hopefully, you never meet this case and only use it as the reference. Tell to your friends if they experience this problem.

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