Mastering Your iPhone with iPhone Tutorial for Beginners Here

iPhone tutorial for beginners must be the first thing you need after you buy a phone, especially for you who buy Apple mobile phone. It can be so because, without the tutorial, it will be more difficult for you to understand using the phone appropriately. Moreover, you may make a false treatment on your phone so that it can damage the phone. Thus, make sure also to have user guide for iPhone when you decide to buy the iPhone.

Talking about iPhone tutorial for beginners, you, as the users of the iPhone, are suggested to find it yourself because not all types of a iPhone are sold complete with the user guide. Because of this condition, you do not need to be worried because of there so many guides on the internet that you can browse. You can choose whether you like it in PDF or ebook format. It is easy to find.

iphone tutorial for beginners

Then, you need to know that with a user guide for iPhone, you can know well the important way to do even though it looks simple to do, like how to turn on or turn off the phone, put in SIM card and so on. Although those examples look easy to do, you need to do it correctly unless it may result in error or damage. So, by having the iPhone user manual, it is possible for you to get to know a simple and important thing to do first to your phone after buying it.

Some Important Things to Know Based on iPhone Tutorial for Beginners:

  • How to turn on and turn off the iPhone

To turn the phone on or off, you can find the button which is placed on the top of the iPhone. You can press it until the screen light up or press until it appears a notification of Power Off on the screen. When you need to turn it off, you should slide the notification.

  • How to put in a SIM card

put sim card on iphoneTo put the SIM card need to be careful because when you do the wrong, it may damage the SIM card itself or part of your phone. To make it safe when you want to put in, open the tray using a paperclip. Then, put the SIM card into the small hole of the SIM slot. After that, push slowly until the tray is opened. Then, after the SIM get in, you can use your phone afterward.

  • Check the function of the buttons

There are several buttons on the iPhone that each of them has a particular function, such as a button to set the volume on the left side, a power button on the top, sleep or wake button on the right side, and home button on the front side.

Mastering your iPhone function and usage is important. However, it is not easy to do fast without any guide. Thus, use the iPhone tutorial for beginners to help you master it.

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