iPhone Charger Not Working: Here’s How to Fix it Easily

iphone charger not working

Such as you have read before, there are many aspects making your iPhone not charging. One of them is the charger not working or the problem is only on the charger. It does not come from the software, charger port, or the iPad. You may go to the Apple Store when you see your charger not working properly to get a new item.  Seemly, it is too hurry and you will spend some money. You better search for the alternative way to fix the charger. Who knows you only need to fix the lighting cable or the adaptor.

iphone charger not working

How to fix When your iPhone Charger Not Working

Okay, you can start from the lighting cable on your iPhone. There are two cable edges where one is for the power adapter and another for the charger port. You can check it with change the cable to your friend own. Then, try to plug into the wall and see the reaction. If the device is charging, it means the problem is only on the lighting cable. So, how to fix it? Pay attention to some suggestions below:

  • Rotate the gaffer ribbon at the top to strengthen it. The solution can be used if the cable is weakened at the point.
  • Repairing the lighting cable to USB using dab with solder.

broken iphone charger

Check and Fix the Power Adapter

You probably had checked the lighting cable and everything is fine. You have used it and connected it to your Laptop or Powerbank. Even, you also borrow another iPhone charger adapter and plug it into the wall.  Okay, it is about your power adapter and you do not want to spend $19 to buy a new product. Even though, you do not allow fix it alone unless you are really expert about it. You might give the damage permanent if you do not know about it. You should know that there is much adhesive in the interior.

iphone connected to laptop

From this time, prevent the iPhone charger not working with some ways. Do not use the tool in a long time and do not often to roll the cable. Clean the charger port to keep the cleanliness of the port. Dust, fiber, water, and the small things make it dirty and block the electricity to fill the battery. Once more, do not use the lightning cable without MFi certificate. This case can harm the performance of the iPhone or it has a big risk toward the damage. Okay, those are the alternative ways that you may do.

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