How to Handle iPhone 6 Plus Not Charging Properly

iphone 6 plus not charging

Hi, iPhone 6 plus users! Do you have a problem with your device, like your iPhone not charging or others? If you experience them, you certainly need to get the best solution for that problem. For the problem of your iPhone which won’t charge, you can try to find the iPhone 6 plus not charging solution. Thus, your device can be repaired soon.

iphone 6 plus not charging

The Causes of iPhone 6 Plus Not Charging

Talking about the iPhone 6 plus that won’t charge, there are some problems which can make it happen. Here are some common causes that are found.

  1. Dirty device

The dirty device is possible to make a problem of charging. When the hole where you usually put the charging port into it is dirty, it will cause a connection problem of electricity.

  1. Damaged charging port

The charging port is the most important tool to charge your device. If it is damaged, of course, your iPhone will not charge.

  1. Defective charging accessory

To charge perfectly, you need to have a good condition of charging accessory. When there is a little defective matter, it won’t work well, As a result, it can make your iPhone won’t charge perfectly.

  1. Non-Apple-certified charging accessory

When your charging accessory is in good condition but your device won’t charge still, there may be another problem. If your accessory is not Apple-certified, it is possible to not work with your iPhone.

  1. Non-designed USB charger to charge the device

If you experience that your device won’t charge, you can make sure that your USB charger is designed to charges devices or not. If it is not, it must not be able to charge your iPhone 6 plus.

Three Ways to Solve the Problems When Your iPhone Won’t Charge

  1. Remove debris

Firstly, to solve your problem, you can try to remove all debris from the iPhone’s charging port. It is usually located on the bottom of the device.

  1. Restart the phone

To refresh your phone, you can restart your iPhone 6 plus. The apps problems or phone errors can lead to the phone won’t charge.

  1. Try different charger

This step is the right solution when you find your phone won’t charge. Yes, it is to try using another USB cable or other chargers. If the phone charge after you use another charger, it means that your old charger is damaged.

The condition of the iPhone 6 plus not charging is a sad and bad condition for you as the device users. So, just find the solution well to figure it out.

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