How to Identify a Fake iPhone 5 For First Time Buyers

identify a fake iphone 5

Do you have a plan to buy your first iPhone? It is important not to go to the store immediately. You are going to invest your money for an expensive smartphone. Therefore, it is better for you to take your time to read the effective way on how to identify a fake iPhone 5. This is helpful for you to avoid any heart-breaking regrets after having the fake item.

At this time, the iPhone 5 is one of the most favorite smartphone or gadgets in all generation. It is now the sign of fashion that keeps you up to date. Almost everyone has a dream to hold it because of the excellent quality of the physical design and the software performance. Some parties are riding on this high demand by creating the perfect replicas that make the two are hard to differentiate.

identify a fake iphone 5

How to Identify a Fake iPhone 5 Easily

Follow these simple steps to verify the authenticity of your iPhone 5.

  • Retail Box

Apple pays attention to every detail of their packaging. Material, corners, edges, logos and colours are all high quality. Take note of the brightness of the colours which can often fade with counterfeited reproductions. Beware that genuine packaging can accompany counterfeit iPhones.

  • Serial Number

A label should be on the back. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, MEID stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier.

  • Box Inside

New iPhones are accompanied by a plug, a charging cable and a set of in ear headphones. Check the shapes, size and fixings of these accessories. Also check the workmanship on the inside of the box too, all edges should be straight and no large gaps should be seen.

  • Start Guide

New iPhones are accompanied by a Quick Start Guide.

  • SIM Card Pin

New iPhones are accompanied by a pin that is designed to help remove the SIM card. Check the size and shape of the pin and its holder. And note the size and design of the instruction graphic on the inside.

  • Back Camera

Pay close attention to every detail of the camera lens. The position of the lens and flash, the space between the two features, the edging of each piece, and the overall finish.

  • SIM Slot

The SIM slot is carefully designed and manufactured by Apple and should fit the phone body perfectly with a fine, evenly spaced gap between the two. Also check the size and placement of the pin hole.

  • Base Connectors

Again Apple have designed and manufacture the base connection immaculately. If photo quality allows check the finest details carefully, such as the speaker grill pattern, and the shape and size of the screws.

  • Back Logo

The back of the iPhone features manufacturing details including a set of codes and the model number. Check that the Model and IMEI numbers match those numbers detailed on the retail box label.

  • Volume Buttons

As with the other features on the iPhone, the volume controls have been immaculately made. Check that the shape, finish and overall quality match that of the example shown.

The most effective way you can do is to identify the serial number. Check the serial number through Settings > General > About. It is better if you have an active internet connection so you can visit Apple’s official website. Visit this page:

After checking the serial number, enter the number. If the web does not detect the serial number, it means the device is not original. There are some ways you can do on how to identify a fake iphone 5.

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