How to Reset iPhone 7 to The Factory Setting

how to reset iphone 7

To know how to reset iPhone 7 properly will give some benefits to you, especially when you find troubles in your iPhone. Poor connection to wifi, a phone running slowly, and system errors are kinds of trouble that you may find on your iPhone. In this case, you need to reset the iPhone in order to make them run normally.

how to reset iphone 7

Steps on How to Reset iPhone 7

Talking about how to reset iPhone 7, you need to backup the important data or files before resetting. You should do it because your files on your phone memory will be deleted if you reset your iPhone to the factory setting. So, make sure you back them all up. After you finish it, then you can start to reset your iPhone. Just follow the iPhone 7 Tips below.

  • Click Setting
    From your home screen, find the gear icon. Then, tap it and there will appear some options.
  • Tap General
    After you see some options, you can then tap general.
  • Click Reset
    In General, there will appear some options too, include Reset. The, tap it.
  • Enter Pass Code
    If you have set a passcode on your iPhone 7, you have to enter it to go to the next step. Make sure you enter the right code.
  • Tap Erase iPhone
    After you enter the right passcode, then you can end the process of resetting your iPhone by tapping “Erase iPhone”. Wait for a few minutes until the resetting process finish and your phone turning on again with the factory setting.

The ways to Reset iPhone 7 are easy to do, aren’t they? Those ways are essential to learning because it will be helpful if someday you find trouble on your iPhone. When the trouble needs a factory reset, you can use those ways instantly to handle the trouble. Yes, that is all about how to Reset iPhone 7 which is hopefully useful for you.

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