How to Print Document From iPhone Using Apple AirPrint

print document from iphone

You are entering the digital era where people almost forget about using their PC to print. You are moving forward that our iPhones can cover the basic printing needs. It is because many modern printers come with the wireless printing solution. The printers support you to print from your iPhone, iPad, and others. Apple also provides the AirPrint and you have the choice for third-party apps to do remote printing by using your local Wi-Fi. To get it done, there are some steps on how to print document from iPhone.

print document from iphone

Tips Print Document from iPhone by Using AirPrint

This app lets you create and print high-quality documents as well as graphics without installing drivers or configuring the printer. It works with any iPad, iPhone 3S, or the third generation of iPod Touch, and the latest version of iOS. Follow the steps below to start

  • Connect to Wi-Fi
    To use AirPrint, you must connect your iPhone and printer to the same Wi-Fi network. There are multiple networks in an office setting and to enable the AirPrint function, depends on your printer. Therefore, you must read the printer’s manual or the company’s website to get the information on how to turn on the function and then connect it to Wi-Fi.
  • Select the printer
    Open an AirPrint-supported app, such as Evernote, Safari, or Mail to check the connection between your printer and the iPhone. Most apps have an arrow that means a forward or a reply email icon. Select the icon and choose Print. Your printer should appear as the chosen device. Or, you can tap Select Printer at the top and let your iPhone scans for nearby printers.
  • Choose the number of copies
    Tap the addition and the subtraction arrows to select the number of copies you wish to print. The arrows located at the right of the Copy. One copy is mandatory, but it is possible for you to print about 99 pages at once. Choose Options to get more color options or which pages you want to print in case that there are multiple pages.
  • Print
    After selecting the printer and the number of pages you wish, tap Print in the top-right corner of the page. Double tap the Home button, choose Print Center and tap Cancel Printing are the steps to let you cancel the print task or check the status.

Those are the steps to print document from iPhone by using AirPrint. If you are still having trouble following this guide, please visit Apple Support via this link.

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