How to Jailbreak iPhone Using Pangu Tool Easily and Safely

how to jailbreak iphone

Almost all of the user’s iPhone must know about the definition of the Jailbreak. But, sometimes, they do not the function of the jailbreak on iPhone. Well, today we are going to explain how to jailbreak iPhone by using the best guides.

Before we explain it more, then you have to know the definition of the Jailbreak. Jailbreak is a process of upgrading iOS that change time to the time. However, compare to publish the new guides; it is better for you to do one up data choice. Here we have some guides how to jailbreak iPhone in easiest ways.

how to jailbreak iphone

Use the Best Steps How to Jailbreak iPhone By Using Pangu below!

  • First of all, you have to backup your iPhone. You should go to “Setting” > iCloud > Backup and click to “Backup Now“.
  • After you have finished backup the iPhone, then you have to process the disable the passcode on your iPhone. Go to the “Setting” > Touch ID and Passcode > Disable the Passcode. Use this method if you want to use one passcode.
  • The next is you have to manage the “Enable Airplane Mode“.
  • Next, open the Pangu tool and plug in your iOS device. Then, when your iPhone device is recognized by Pangu tool, you can start to select in “start option” and click “already backup“.
  • After that, your iPhone will do the reboot and the Pangu will make a request to you to back to the Airplane mode.
  • Then, if the process starts to continue, you just wait a little while and Pangu will give you a direction to open the Pangu App on the home screen of your iPhone. Tap it to get an access. Next, the iPhone will do reboot once again. As long as the process you have to change the disable airplane mode and open up the Cydia and you have to go to it.

May this information how to jailbreak iPhone through the easiest ways can help your problem in jailbreaking the iPhone.

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