How to Install iOS Update Manually on Your iPhone

how to install ios update

iOS is the operating system that works the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and other Apple devices. Updating the iOS system is important to fix bugs, provides interface tweaks and offers new features. When a new version is available, you should install it immediately. Today we will guide you how to install iOS update on your iPhone.

Commonly, when the launch of a new iOS version for an iPhone is ready, it becomes a hot topic in many places. Therefore, you will always hear about the information. If you doubt whether you have the latest operating system, the process to check it and the way to install the update, it is easy and quick to do.

how to install ios update

How to Install iOS Update on iPhone Using iTunes

To start the upgrade process, you can synchronize your iPod touch or iPhone with your computer, which can be by using Wi-Fi or USB. Synchronizing is essential to create a backup for your data on the phone. It is better always to start an upgrade after having a good backup of your data. [Learn how to backup your iPhone]

Once the sync is complete, you can look at the top right of the management screen on your iPhone. There, you can find the information about the iOS version on your device. A message will tell you whether it is a new version or not. Under it, there is a button with the label Update and click it.

iTunes will check to make sure that there is an update available. Some iPhones may show a pop-up window to tell you about the new features, fixes, and changes available in the newest OS. Review it or skip it, click Next.

You must agree to the user license agreement provided there. You can read it first or continue by clicking Agree.

After agreed to the terms and the license agreement, the iOS update will start to download. You can check the progress of the download and the time left at the top of the iTunes window.

After download the OS update, it will be installed on your iPhone or iPod touch automatically. When the installation is finished, your iPhone or iPod touch will restart automatically. It means that you are going with the newest OS for your device!

It is important to note that everything depends on the amount of empty storage space available on your device. If your device has no big space available, there will be a warning tells you that you have not enough room to install this update. To solve this problem, you should use iTunes to delete some content from the device. After that, you can add the data back after the upgrade is complete.

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