How to Find lost iPhone Using Find My iPhone Apps

how to find lost iphone

Have you ever lose your iPhone? When you lose your iPhone, you would be worried about the existing data on your iPhone. However, you can to prevent thieves from taking the current data on the iPhone or regain the lost iPhone. For those of you who have a lost iPhone, we will tell you how to find lost iPhone using Find My iPhone app.

how to find lost iphone

Steps on How to Find Lost iPhone

Before you track your lost iPhone, you need to provide some conditions first.

What you need:

  1. Have an iCloud account.
  2. Find My iPhone app must always enable.
  3. Have a computer that can connect to the Internet.

How to Get Back your iPhone When Lost or Stolen

  1. If you have to Find My iPhone app, you will have the possibility to get a phone that is lost, if not just a little ways you can do. Go to in your web browser.
  2. On iCloud account, log in using the same account with Find My iPhone account, Apple ID, or iTunes account.
  3. When you log in to iCloud, it will display a variety of menu on iCloud, click on the menu Find iPhone.
  4. When you have click find iPhone, then the application will work and try to find all the devices that you have input into the iCloud.
  5. If you set a location on your iPhone, then the Find My iPhone will zoom a map and show the location of your device with a green dot.
  6. If your device has been found, then a notification will appear on the right-hand corner of your browser. This lets you know how much battery power is left. The app will offer several options.
  7. The first option is to have a sound player. This is useful for those of you who sometimes keep forgetting to put your phone anywhere and want to find it. To do this, so click play sound.
  8. The second option, you can click the lost mode button. This allows you to lock your device remotely, so anyone can’t open your devices.
  9. To preserve your phone more secure, you can erase all data on your phone by clicking erase. Click the box that says you understand erase so that the data will disappear from your iPhone.
  10. If you see a green dot move on the map that representing your mobile device, click the arrow on the pop -up round. It will appear on your device location update through GPS.

What Must You Do if your iPhone is Turned off?

If you are looking for a device is turned off or not connected to the Internet, Find My iPhone app will give you the option:

  1. You can check the option let me know when it is found if the device is connected to the Internet, Find My iPhone will tell you.
  2. In these circumstances, you can use all three options: play sound lost mode and erase. As your device is turned on or connected to the Internet, an option that you choose will directly work.
  3. Choose remove from your account if your device has been lost and does not want to appear in Find My iPhone again.

For setup and more informations about how to find lost iPhone, you can go to the official page here

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