How to Erase iPhone Data if You Want to Sell or Trade it

erase iphone data

Did you ever think that you want to erase your iPhone Data? As you know that if the user of iPhone has a passcode, so the iOS devices are hardware encrypted. It means that you cannot use your data as simple as throwing the encryption key. Well, the best way to solve it, you have to erase or wipe your iPhone. Erase the iPhone here means you have to erase all of your data on your iPhone or iPod touch. Then, look at the steps below how to erase iPhone through the easiest way.

erase iphone data

The Steps to Erase iPhone Data Quickly

You can follow each single steps of how to erase iPhone data automatically below!

  1. First, you must launch the “Settings App”; you can start to do in on your home screen iPhone or iPod touch.
  2. Then, tap on “General” button. After that, scroll down the screen until the bottom of it and click on the “Reset”.
  3. Next, you can start to tap on the “Erase All Content and Settings” option.
  4. Then, tap once on the Erase iPhone option and continue by tapping on the “Erase iPhone” to confirm the command. Then, enter your “passcode”.
  5. After that, type your Apple ID password to turn off the “Activate Lock” and remove the device from the feature Find my iPhone. Then, wait for a while until the process finished.

reset iphone data

After the process of erasing iPhone or wiping the iPhone has completed. You can start to set up as a new device. Besides, you can also do restore from a different backup.

Well, those are some steps how to erase iPhone automatically and quickly. If you have a problem with your Apple device, then you can try those ways to erase all of the data on your iPhone.

There is another way to erase your iPhone which is by using iTunes or iCloud. If you cannot do the automatic steps above, then you can try the other ways by using iTunes or even iCloud.

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