How to Delete Apps on iPhone in Two Ways

delete apps on iphone

For you who still do not know much about how to delete Apps on iPhone, this time we will tell you about it completely. Well, to delete apps on your phone is necessary to lighten the RAM. Moreover, when the apps on your iPhone are no longer used, to delete them is the best way. Thus, your phone will be free from any unused apps.

delete apps on iphone

Steps to Delete Apps on iPhone

Talking about how to delete Apps on iPhone, there are two simple ways that you can choose. So, here are the two ways of what you can do to delete the apps on your iPhone.

First option

  1. From home screen, navigate to the icons of application which you want to remove.
  2. After finding the wanted icons, just tap and hold them in about two seconds. Wait for them until wiggle. Then, an X will appear beside the icons of application.
  3. After the X appears, just tap it on the icon of apps you want to uninstall. There will appear a dialog to confirm you want to delete the apps and all data of them.
  4. End the process of uninstalling by press the delete or remove on the confirming dialog.

Second Option

  1. Select setting from the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Tap general.
  3. Choose Storage & iCloud Usage or only Storage. Then, there will appear a section under the storage.
  4. After the section appears, tap Manage Storage. There will appear some apps on the list.
  5. Choose the apps you want to remove or uninstall.
  6. End the process by tapping Delete App.

Those are the ways to remove or uninstall the apps on your iPhone. Hopefully, the ways on how to delete Apps on iPhone we share in this opportunity can be helpful for you.

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