Simple Ways to Clear iPhone Cache to Make it Faster

Clear iPhone cache is one of the ways to make our iPhone will run well. As we all know, when we use the phone for a long time there are so many caches from the applications. People call it as the junk files make your iPhone running slower. Absolutely it will make you uncomfortable to operate the phone.

clear iphone cache

If you let the cache overtime without swipe it out, all of the caches will be clogged up. So, it will decrease the memory space inside the phone. You must be aware of it to make the phone in good conditions especially for an old iPhone model. Besides that, it will make you pay more attention to things that you use and need.

How to Clear iPhone Cache Easily

There are two ways to clear your iPhone cache, please follow the guidelines below.

Delete the Safari Cache

When you do safari cache, it will automatically log you out from several websites that you sign into. So, it is better for you to make sure that you remember your account to sign in again.

  1. Open the setting applications and scroll down
  2. Tap the Safari icon that placed in the bottom
  3. Scroll down again until you find the ‘Clear History and Website Data’
  4. Choose ‘Clear History and Data’.

Clear App Data

  1. First of all, choose the Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  2. In the bottom side, you will find applications with the size of the amount storage that take up
  3. Choose the applications that use the big space
  4. Look at the Documents & Data
  5. You will delete or reinstall the applications that take more than 500 MB to clear the space
  6. Choose the options to delete applications. After that, you will download it again to get it back without data and document that full of cache

Clear iPhone cache is not a difficult thing to do. You will do it by choose one of the ways that you like and make your phone stay in a good condition. Let the cache inside your phone is not a good decision and make your phone get a limit space.

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