How to Change Apple ID on iPhone Quickly and Safely

change apple id on iphone

An Apple ID is the most important thing that is really useful for the iPhone. Through the Apple ID, all of the users of iPhone can sign it and use it. Some features that need an Apple ID are FaceTime call, iTunes Store, App Store, iMessages etc. Each user of the iPhone must have an Apple ID. However, sometimes there is a time when they want to change their Apple ID. For you who are the users of the iPhone and want to know how to change Apple ID on iPhone, here some steps that you can follow!

change apple id on iphone

Some Steps How to Change Apple ID on iPhone

Here are some steps to change the Apple ID direct on your iPhone or iPad.

  • First, you have to open the “Settings App” in iOS and continue to open the “iTunes” and also “App Store”.
  • Second, you can start to tap on the “Apple ID: [email protected]”. You can type the text at the top of the Store screen.
  • After that, on the Apple ID management pop-up window, you have to tap on the “sign out”.

Those steps can be your best way how to log out of the existing Apple ID. Besides, you can leave the Apple ID sign on the screen blank. Here are some options that you can choose to change your Apple ID.

  1. Log in by using another Apple account
    You can start to log in to another Apple account that already exists on the screen.
  2. Create a new Apple ID
    You also can create a new Apple ID by clicking on the icon “create new Apple ID”. Using this way, you can start to log in automatically in the new Apple ID.

So, you can try to change Apple ID on iPhone above by following those steps. There are two options for changing the new Apple ID. First, you can use the account that already exists. Second, you can create a new Apple ID and start to log it. You can choose which option do you like?

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