Simple Steps How to Block a Number on iPhone

how to block a number on iphone

Searching for the way how to block a number on iPhone is not a difficult thing. You will need it to protect your phone from some disturbance that will make you uncomfortable. By do it, you will block some number that you don’t want to accept their calling or texting.

how to block a number on iphone

Many people maybe feel disturbed by several people that they don’t like. For example, while you have a problem with your ex-boy or girlfriend. You will block the number and by it, you don’t need to change your number to the new one. Because change the new number is very troublesome and you need to contact many people to tell your new number.

The Steps How to Block a Number on iPhone

If you want to block a number on your iPhone you can follow these simple iPhone tips below:

  1. First, open the setting on your iPhone
  2. Then choose the options Phone > Call Blocking and Identification > Block Contact
  3. After that, the iPhone will show the list of all your contacts on your phone
  4. Scroll until you find the names of the contacts that you would like to block
  5. After that, you will back to the blocked window that contains the name that added to the blocked contacts.

You will use the steps to block the contacts that available in your phonebook list. If the contacts are not in your phonebook, you will also block it. Maybe there are a people that disturb you but you don’t know the owner of the number. Let’s do the following ways to block the number.

  1. Go to the Phone app > Recent
  2. Search the number that you would like to block
  3. Here you will find “i”, then tap the blue “i” with a circle around it that located on the right of the number
  4. After that, you will scroll down to the bottom of the contact card that appears
  5. Next, select “Block This Caller.”

How to block a number on iPhone is very easy to do, right? After doing it, you will feel more comfortable because there are no people that disturb you again. Let’s try it soon guys.

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