How to Backup iPhone to iCloud Securely

Many of us keep some important information on our smartphone, especially for iPhone users with the large internal storage available on this device. It can be photos, email addresses, and other business contacts. No one wants to lose that kind of information. However, what can you do if those things are gone just because your iOS device was stolen, damaged, or lost? For this reason, it is important to know how to backup iPhone to iCloud.

There are two options available for iOS; use iTunes or use iCloud. iCloud is Apple’s cloud-based storage. It is the backup solution provided by Apple for their software. iCloud is included on your device, which provides free storage for more than 5 GB.

backup iphone to icloud

How to Backup iPhone to iCloud in Five Minutes

The following instructions can help you to back up your important data on your iPhone by using iCloud in just five minutes. These instructions support iOS 7, but the instruction is nearly identical for iOS 6.

  1. Go to Settings, select iCloud, select Storage & Backup.
  2. Under the ‘Backup,’ enable the switch for iCloud Backup.
  3. Go back one screen.
  4. Turn on or off any data that you want to back up from the options.
    It is important to note that in this section, not all apps are visible, only the pre-installed Apple apps. Now, consider finishing the backup if you do not want to back up anything on your device, skip ahead to step 10 if you finished with the backup. However, if you want to back up more of the non-Apple apps, follow the steps through the rest.
  5. Scroll down to Storage & Backup, choose it.
  6. Select the third choice, Manage Storage.
    In this step, you can see the list of only Apple apps and data you have backed up.
  7. To get to other apps, look at the top, beneath the “Backups” and choose the device to manage. Tap on your device, and the next page starts loading. Wait.
  8. You are on a page named Info. Under the ‘Backup Options’ there is a list of the top five storage-using apps, as well as another ‘Show All Apps’ button. Press the button, which allows you to select more items to back up.
    It is better not to back up most apps that work with a cloud service since all the app data you care about hosted by the provider, not stored on your phone.
  9. Any apps you do not want to back up, toggle them to “off”. Now, you can see a red “Turn Off & Delete” button appears. Once you click it, you still have the app and the data on your iPhone. So you are deleting the data from iCloud backup.
  10. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi connection, plug it in an outlet, and leave the screen locked, do not use the device. It will automatically backup once a day

Those are the tutorial on how to backup iPhone to iCloud. You can read other iPhone tips on next page.

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