How Much is the iPhone 8? Let’s Find Out

how much is the iphone 8

When you have the plan to buy the iPhone 8, you must have the question about how much is the iPhone 8 price. It is important in relation to the budgets you should prepare for bring such phone home. Commonly, the price of this phone is not so expensive in a certain country. However, it has a different price in some different countries. It can be cheaper or even more expensive. So, to get the iPhone, the price depends on your country.

how much is the iphone 8

How Much is The iPhone 8?

Talking about how much is the iPhone 8, now we will tell you the price of the iPhone 8 in the United States. To buy that phone in this country let you get different price compared to other countries. Now, let’s check it out.

  • In the United States

In this country, you can get iPhone at a cheaper price than others. This phone’s price starts at $699. So, by using $700, it is enough for you to bring it home. The iPhone 8 with that price offers 64GB for the internal space. Besides, you can choose the preferred color of that phone. It comes in silver, gold and gray. So, you are so lucky to get that beautiful phone at that price, especially you who live in the US.

  • In Countries Outside of the US

For you who live outside of US, you have to bring more money to get this iPhone. It can be so because the price in countries outside the US is close to the equivalent of $1,000. Take for example, in Hungary, you should pay $1,020.61. Then in Italy, you should pay $996.71 for this iPhone . Those prices are more expensive compared to in the US, aren’t they?

Considering the facts above, it is clear that the US is the country with the cheaper price for iPhone 8. So, you are so lucky to live in there. Well, that is all about how much is the iPhone which can hopefully give a brief explanation of its price.

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