How much is an iPhone 5 Cost? This is a Short Guide

how much is an iphone 5

Apple officially released a new iPhone 5 on Friday, 14 September 2012. In the Appleā€™s new Smartphone, iPhone 5 comes with several improvements. The best improvement of the new iPhone 5 comes from its accessories that available on the first launching of it. Well, those best improvements make iPhone 5 has a special price. Then, how much is an iPhone 5 when the Apple starts to release it?

How much is an iPhone 5 and How is the Feature of iPhone 5?

There are a lot of people who are really curious about how much is iPhone 5 cost and the features that it has. Well, for the price and the feature, you can see the explanation below!

For an iPhone 5, Apple offers $199 for each item that has data storage about 16 GB. That price depends on the contract. Besides, Apple also offers the special price for the case is about $50, for the car charger $10, the Armband $10, and Stereo Dock $100. So, the total price of the iPhone 5 is $369 for each item.

how much is an iphone 5

Well, for those best prices, Apple has designed iPhone 5 with the greatest features. In the first launching of the iPhone 5, Apple announces that the new iPhone 5 comes with the size 4.0 inches.
Then, for the platform of it, Apple has designed iPhone 5 with the best iOS 6 and it is upgradable to iOS 10.3.3. While for the chipset, it uses Apple A6.

Not only has the best OS, this iPhone 5 also has improved with its camera. It has 8 MP cameras that have a lot of camera features like as touch focus, geo-tagging, face detection, HDR photos, and panorama. While for the main feature of the phone, iPhone 5 has some feature sensors such as an accelerometer, proximity, compass, and gyro.

Well, from the explanation above, you have known how much is an iPhone 5 and its best feature. The price on the iPhone 5 is really appropriate for the features of it. May you enjoy this information on the iPhone 5 price and complete features.

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